It’s All About the Macros – Macronutrients

Counting macronutrients appears to be a new trend.  Trend or lifestyle? Either way, I like this style of achieving a healthier a diet.  Whether you want to lose weight, maintain, or build muscles, it's all about the Macros.  We know by now that just counting calories isn't sufficient for achieving a healthy diet.  It's important... Continue Reading →


Healthy Munching Snacks

Everyone wants to snack at some point of the day.  Especially when you are trying to lose weight or on a healthy diet, you want healthy snacks.  If you're anything like me, you want to actually snack in the evening.  Not a quick, that was filling and healthy snack, but something you can munch on... Continue Reading →


Get Better Results With Your Squat

Today I would like you to learn how to get better results with your Squat. My recent posts on getting good glute activation and functional strength exercises detail the benefits of the squatting exercise. Works multiple muscle groups, including lower body, glutes, and core Helps with Good Posture Preventative exercise for reducing injuries Contributes to... Continue Reading →


Make Fitness A Routine

As the beginning of a New Year is underway, a top priority for bettering your life is to make fitness a routine. There might be other changes happening in your life this year. Or getting healthy might be the new change for you. Either way, it is highly recommended that you include eating healthy and... Continue Reading →


Actually Eating Healthy for Weight Loss

Earlier in the year I put out a post on  Keep Healthy Simple and 8 Simple Tips - Healthy Eating Guide.  These posts include most of  the information people need to start leading a healthier lifestyle with a healthier diet.  As I continue to see posts on stories of how "I am eating healthy, but I'm not losing... Continue Reading →


What’s the Secret to Sexy Abs?

By now you've probably seen this question floating around social media, What's the Secret to Sexy Abs? or 6 pack abs? or Beach Body Abs? Then it's usually followed by a workout circuit of several ab exercises...that aren't always very effective. At least not in getting beach ready abs. It is important to strive for good... Continue Reading →


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